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Welcome at Thermal Control Device India Inc (TCDII)

Your motor Protection Specialists Thermal Control Device India Inc is business partner of Safety Electronic Technology is the specialized manufacturer of Bimetal Thermal Protectors and Motor Protectors. We are here to provide world's best quality Thermal protectors, Thermal cutouts, Thermistors,High Current Thermostats etc.
We offer wide range of thermal Protectors to serve a variety of industries including A/C Motors, Mono block Pumps, Submersible Pumps, Transformers, Kitchen & Home Appliances, Heating Pads, Food Equipment, Automotive Industry, Air-conditioners & Washing Machine Motors, Lighting and Electrical Industries,Rechargeable Batteries & More.

Our Sales Engineering group

We are here to assist in all aspects in the selection of the Thermal Protectors for desired application.Free of charge a sample can be delivered for your trail testing and verification of our credibility. Customized Thermal protectors can also be delivered, on receiving following details (Current / Temperature ,Tripping specifications that meet your product).

Our Business Philosophy

Meeting customer expectations through world class quality, customer and engineering support, at competitive prices, enabling us to become benchmark supplier.
Email us or call +91-981153577 for better quality products, cheaper price and faster delivery, our efforts will not cease as your faithful and responsible partner.

Our Mission

Committed to become your best supplier through superior quality and to provide right product for the safety of your appliances. To make everything easy, by our 19 years experience in the market with accurate quality control and strict quality tests.


supplier of quality products

we are committed to supply quality thermal protectors to our valuable customers

Each individual Protector is manufactured for the specific temperature rating & then each device is calibrated and checked for opening temperature. This results in precise operating characteristics necessary to achieve consistent, reliable performance over the required life cycle. This high level performance of each device is obtained by emphasis on quality. . As continuous inputs to the quality monitoring systems, many different checks are made during the manufacturing process.

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Application know where you can use our thermal protectors

  • Shaded pole motors
  • Permanent split capacitor motors
  • Fluorescent lighting ballasts
  • HID ballasts - Transformers
  • Recessed lighting fixtures
  • Battery packs - Vacuum cleaners
  • Automotive accessory motors,solenoids,PC boards and other applications

Product Rangewe take pride in our product

7AMP series Protector is excellent for use in motor, transformer and lighting applications.



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